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› zht › 英語 › quay › zht › 英語 › quay頁庫存檔頁庫存񂧍 日前 — quay的意思、解釋及翻譯򟜅. a long structure, usually built of stone, where boats can be tied up to take on and off their…。了解更多。

› zht › 詞典 › quay › zht › 詞典 › quay頁庫存檔頁庫存񂧍 日前 — quay的例句. quay. It also hovers at an urban scale including the square, the quay and the lake. 來自Cambridge English Corpus. Being absent ...


› quay › quay頁庫存檔類似內容頁庫存檔類似內容翻譯這個網頁Quay definition is - a structure built parallel to the bank of a waterway for use as a landing place. How to use quay in a sentence.

頁庫存檔類似內容頁庫存檔類似內容翻譯這個網頁Quay Australia sunglasses are cult faves with the fearless and freethinking It Girls around the globe who love the style and the price. Shop our wide assortment ...

頁庫存檔頁庫存檔翻譯這個網頁Melbourne-founded Quay Australia's celeb-fave sunglasses are now available in Europe. Shop our bestselling aviator, cat eye, wayfarer and shield sunglasses, ...

› dictionary › p=quay › dictionary › p=quay頁庫存檔頁庫存񂧉. 碼頭[C] There used to be a small hotel on the quay. 碼頭上曾經有個小旅館。

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